Postcards from Penang and Langkawi

My sister Ivy has a bubbly and feminine look but she’s probably the most workaholic person I know. As a data scientist, she’s coding all the time. So to pull her out of her work mode, we go for a vacation.

My partner and I are also workaholics who think about our projects all the time. So for the same reason, sometimes we’re on the road.

Most people think that travelling means spending lots of time and money. Well, not necessarily.

(Above) Nope, this is not Ivy the workaholic. This is my youngest sister Shan.

During the last week of December, we brought our parents to Penang for 3 days. The tourism spots were too crowded so we chose to chill in our Agoda Home in 218 Macalister.

The view from the 32nd floor was amazing.

Here’s some tips if you don’t want to break the bank when travelling:

1. Check out travel discounts from various websites. For example, you can get exclusive discounts from the Penang Tourism Board via this website.

2. Always keep a budget. Our brother was our finance manager for trips. He’d record every single expense and make sure we’re under budget. *GEEK*

3. Look for places with low entrance fee or free entrance. The highlight of our trip was probably visiting the animals at Saanen Dairy Goat Farm. This was the first time we experienced the quieter side of Penang in Balik Pulau other than the street foods and museums. P.S. The entrance was FREE.

2019 started with a short trip to Langkawi.

Langkawi is fun ONLY IF you don’t mind the sun and the extremely hot weather. For example, my mum who doesn’t drink, swim, or fancy any water sports would probably hate Langkawi.

To me, sunset and the beach? Always a good idea. I also carried my tripod around and took some fantastic photos of the beach.

Okay, enough with the travel photos and reminiscing the magical moments. It’s time to go back to my Word files and Excel sheets.

Which place is on your travel bucket list this year?

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