The Essentials: Makeup

We have 4 women in this house: me, my 2 sisters and my mum. Naturally you might assume that we load our house with LOTS of makeup and clothes. We have a walk-in closet full of flashy dresses, handbags and heaps of lipsticks. We splurge money on vanity and pretty things like nobody’s business.

Well, OF COURSE NO. We’re way more thrifty than you think. My sister Shin and I are rational scientists, and my youngest sister Shan is probably the most price-sensitive 22-year-old you’ve ever seen. We also share makeup and clothes.

Before we buy anything, we research. We read reviews, we test them out in the store, we think 10 times before we hand out the cash.

Some lessons we learn along the way:

1. Big brands don’t necessarily mean quality (unless they’re organic or contain carefully-selected ingredients)

2. Expensive lipsticks aren’t worth the hype. (Lipstick from YSL? Don’t.)

3. Makeup will expire. You need to throw them away after few months or so. Don’t spend big bucks on them.

4. Cute packaging might be a trap (Etude House? Erm, don’t.)

Here’s some of the items that we love. Holy Grail. Ride or die. Affordable, suitable for oily and combination skin, worth every penny.

We have a few other products in our collection too, but they’re either not that remarkable, or not the things that we use everyday.


L’oreal Infallible 24H Foundation- 200 Golden Sand (RM 69.90)


Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in 120 (Rm 22.58)


Rimmel Brow This Way Fill and Sculpt Eyebrow Definer – Dark Brown (RM 17.91)


Maybelline Hyper Sharp Power Black Liquid Liner (RM 18.42)


RIMMEL Magnif Eyes Palette Spice Edition (RM 45.21)


Maybelline The Volume Express Hypercurl Mascara (Rm 18.42)


Maybelline Creamy Matte Chilli Nude MNU 09 (Rm 21.26)

Maybelline Color Sensational Fearless Plum #168 (RM 27.90)

Maybelline Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner in 145 – perfect for creating a lasting red lip (Rm 25.24)


RIMMEL Insta 2 in 1 Primer & Setting Spray (RM22.57)


Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder (RM 24.50)

*Prices are taken from Watsons Malaysia and Hermo websites on 9/3/2019.

Based on my limited travel experience, Malaysia sells the cheapest makeup, especially the ones in Watsons and Guardian. For example, the price of the exact same Maybelline lipstick is almost 3-5 times more expensive in China. Lots of tourists from China come to our country to hoard makeup. So you lucky ladies, shop till you drop!

Okay, just kidding. Spend your money on things that are more worthwhile, like an online course or a good book.

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