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    Dear fear

    For my whole life I have intense phobia for snakes. Just seeing photos of snakes will give me a panic attack, let alone seeing a real snake. One evening my boyfriend and I were casually walking in a beautiful garden. He said there was a snake on the sidewalk. I immediately started screaming and running away but hme kept encouraging me to go near and look at it. He said it’s just a baby and non-poisonous. He kept persuading and I kept running. I know he wanted to push me to face my fear and overcome it, but at that moment I just wanted to punch him. Why didn’t he…

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    Cook your signature dish at Signature Loft

    A muscle man is hot, but a man who cooks is even hotter. My old friend Kenneth and his brother-in-law Jason invited us to have brunch with them. The dishes and desserts they cooked were delicious – maybe anything cooked in this kitchen will be delicious. This is one of the best kitchens I’ve seen. I like to cook and bake, but my mum doesn’t like me messing with her kitchen. I like to have potluck at home too, but not everyone’s house is big enough to host parties and gatherings. Dining out is convenient, but with a large group of people it can be expensive and uncomfortable. Jason understands…

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    Starting over in a new website (Hi WordPress!)

    I abandoned my old blog and decided to start from zero. In the past ten years, I wrote 441 blog posts and had over 3000 photos there. That’s a whopping lot. I made this decision based on one technical and one personal reasons. Technical wise, I use Blogger which is an outdated platform. Google decided to slowly give up on Blogger by not giving it any attention or update that it deserves. Writing posts and redesigning the website has become very inconvenient. I cannot write a blog post without being frustrated every 5 minutes. I will miss the good old times writing in the bright orange frame. I will also…