Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France

A few months ago I was standing on a street in France and staring at Mont Blanc. It’s pure white under the moonlight. I turned to my boyfriend and said I couldn’t believe we made it.

My boyfriend is a go-getter. If he wants to do something, he does it with speed and affirmation. When he said he wanted to go Switzerland and France, I laughed at the idea because I’d never even dream of going there. The flight ticket is expensive, everything is expensive and I’m damn busy.  But when he said it for the third time, I know he’s not kidding. We made the crazy decision and started planning for the trip.

We flew from Singapore to Geneva, Switzerland followed by a 1-hour bus to Chamonix. The journey was magical and I just couldn’t stop wowing.

We saw marvelous stretches of snow-capped mountains along the way to France. It’s the end of spring turning summer. We saw flower fields, beautiful waterfall, old railways, stone bridges, and people paragliding from the mountains. The view was spectacular.

Our hotel Le Refuge des Aiglons (around RM 400 per night) was amazing. We could see Mont Blanc from afar. Mont Blanc – the highest mountain in the Alps, is a name I used to see on pens, wallets, and expensive watches that I couldn’t afford. Here I am, dipping in the pool and looking at the “White Mountain” itself, I’m sure no material things in this world could compete with her beauty. She is pure white and majestic.

We walked to Carrefour to buy food (and wine). Preparing your own meal is the wisest choice if you want to be a savvy traveler. My boyfriend’s favourite things to do is shopping in a grocery store and cooking.

We walked aisle by aisle, looked at the local produce while using our phones to translate the French terms. The French cashier lady was lovely.

We left Carrefour and walked on the streets of the peaceful village, with one hand holding our groceries and another hand holding each other. I kept smiling and saying, my gosh, is this real? IS THIS REAL? Am I dreaming? Am I really in France?

He laughed and thought I’m silly, “Yes, pig, I brought you here.”

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