Fish don’t know they’re in water

All these years of burning the midnight oil, leading a sedentary lifestyle and enormous stress had finally taken a toll on my body. My skin allergy never recovers and my hormones are crazy. So I went to consult a famous traditional Chinese medicine doctor in Petaling Street. He checked my pulse and shook his head. He […]

It’s a long game

A friend just passed her PhD viva and another friend just earned his MBA. We gathered to celebrate their incredible milestones. One of our friends said, “Gosh, I could never do that. You guys are lucky to be born smart!” They’re lucky, or smart? Really? Yes they are smart, but the real secret of their […]

Be the support you wish to have

My mum is in her mid-fifties but she looks much younger. I attribute her anti-aging superpower to genetics and diet, but lately I realize that she might have another superpower – my dad. In the past 30 years, my dad has been constantly telling my mum that she’s the prettiest woman in the world. My […]

A letter to my 19-year-old self

Hi 19-year-old Eve in 2008, I’m your 29-year-old self. I guess you’ll be surprised that I didn’t become who you want me to be. You’ve always aspired to be a glamorous, fashionable, and confident woman. At this point you’re still devastated over the breakup with your ex-boyfriend. He’s cool and fun, but he isn’t the […]

Put in the work

Recently our Prime Minister Tun Mahathir caused an uproar because he feared that the Malays and Bumis couldn’t compete with 3 million Chinese from China that were expected to come to Malaysia. He said, “If we bring in another three million people from China, what will happen to us? They are strong, able, knowledgeable in […]

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