The Essentials: Planning

One of my 2019 resolution is to stay organized (and sane). I need a planning system that can organize my finance, projects, deadlines and ideas in one place. I’ve tried multiple ways, such as Trello, Google Calendar, Bullet Journalling, using notebooks in different formats and sticky notes with different colours. After some time, I slowly […]

It’s a long game

A friend just passed her PhD viva and another friend just earned his MBA. We gathered to celebrate their incredible milestones. One of our friends said, “Gosh, I could never do that. You guys are lucky to be born smart!” They’re lucky, or smart? Really? Yes they are smart, but the real secret of their […]

Beware of the women scientists!

There’re 7 scientists in this photo – 5 with PhD titles (Doctor of Philosophy), 1 PhD candidate and 1 Master of Science candidate. You better don’t mess with them. They will secretly take your hair back to the laboratory  and mutate your DNA. Be warned, you might wake up having blue hair and fish scales […]

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