Beware of the women scientists!

There’re 7 scientists in this photo – 5 with PhD titles (Doctor of Philosophy), 1 PhD candidate and 1 Master of Science candidate.

You better don’t mess with them.

They will secretly take your hair back to the laboratory  and mutate your DNA. Be warned, you might wake up having blue hair and fish scales on your body on the next day .

Their expertise also includes mixing rainbow-colored chemicals and make an explosive bomb. Their lab is full of needles, syringes and formaldehyde which is used to preserve human samples. Notice the water bottle that they bring everywhere? That’s acid.

They also like to discuss about serious issues during lunchtime. Their favorite topics include the latest cancer discoveries by Japanese researchers, global warming, or Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Smart women are mad and scary. Ha-ha-ha. *laugh sarcastically*

When people ask me what I do for a living, I’d say I’m “a staff in a laboratory”. Once I explain that I’m a PhD candidate and a “scientist”, people immediately think that our job is to create atomic bomb or some fish-chicken hybrid alien species.

I need to bust some myths about women scientists.

Myth #1: They know everything about science and medicine.

Even though we are technically “people in science”, we hardly master anything that is beyond our own field of expertise.

Please don’t ask me to explain Einstein’s theory, or ask me what medicine your mum should take as a diabetes patient.

Myth #2: They are bossy and difficult to deal with.

Some people generally perceive smart women as “bossy, difficult to deal with, and hot-tempered”.  I’d suggest that you broaden your social circle and witness for yourself how some smart women can be “interesting, charming and sexy”.

Myth #3: Smart women are intimidating. 

This is probably the most common misconception about women scientists and other women with successful careers. My colleagues, who are single, feel that their job titles as Ph. D. holders and women scientists intimidate most men in Malaysia. I understand that this concept is deeply rooted in the past generations. But man, this is 21st century. Come on, keep up and work on improving yourself!

Guys, if you’re excellent and you continue to grow, there’s no way you’ll be intimidated by women. Case in point, Alexis Ohanian, the husband of world’s legendary tennis player Serena Williams, said it’s absurd that men felt threatened by successful women.

A woman doesn’t transform into a robotic Super Woman after she gets a degree or a good job. She needs love and attention too.

Personally I rely on my family and my partner A LOT. I might already have a Master’s degree, but in reality none of them think that I’m really that brilliant.

I’m good in analyzing things and thinking logically. I don’t get emotional and unreasonable, but I’m terrible in remembering things, looking at maps or keeping my things organized. I need them to support me in many aspects.

In a nutshell….

Women deserve the freedom to choose whatever she wants to do. Accept the fact that she’s smart and she has a voice. Don’t define her by her job title or academic qualifications.

Talk to her. Listen to her opinion. Brain’s the new sexy.

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