Hi my name is Eve. When I’m not working in the lab as a PhD student, I’m either writing or taking photos.

The name Evetopia is a combination of Eve and utopia. I started my blog in 2011 to pick up my daily bits of life. Soon it has evolved into a utopia where I share my adventures or stories of the others. Since I picked up photography around 2012, Evetopia has become the playground where I share my photographs and thoughts.
The initial plan of having this website as a place sharing and mumbling my own life has evolved naturally. I took some photos for a few projects, started interviewing interesting people, connecting with like-minded friends and guess what?! I have some new projects coming up. I promise I’ll keep you updated!
Words are powerful, when combined with images, the stories are complete. I wish you feel inspired to write and capture moments in your life.

If you happen to like what I do here, maybe we can collaborate. I’m working as a freelance writer, translator and photographer. Just drop me an email and we can start the ball rolling.

Welcome to the ride!


EMAIL: haha@evetopia.com

LOCATION: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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