#3: What were the top 10 lessons you learned?

Link: 18 questions for an incredible review of your 2018

In these last weeks of December, I’ll be answering 18 questions for an incredible review of your 2018 that I wrote in my previous post.

I hope this series inspires you to look at your life, career, family and relationship, and to reflect and plan for an awesome 2019. Let’s go.

Question 3: What were the top 10 lessons you learned?

  1. Speak up for myself. If I didn’t learn to do it, I’d be somebody’s puppet, without a voice and opinion in things. You’re either on the table or on the menu. I highly recommend the book Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.
  2. Separate reality with emotions. Worrying and panicking aren’t going to solve anything. Recalibrate my mind, focus on the task at hand and do the work. When something shitty arises, ask this, is it really difficult to solve or does it make me FEEL difficult?
  3. Be genuine and kind to people. Your new friend might be your cousin’s ex-classmate’s girlfriend. It’s a small world after all.
  4. Be grateful. Every night before I sleep, I name 3 things that I’m grateful for today. It could be a cup of dark coffee, or a random kind gesture by a stranger. This practice has eased my anxiety and made me feel lucky.
  5. Health is the most important thing. Don’t talk about goals and ambitions without a healthy body. Physically I hadn’t been feeling great this year, I need to work on this in 2019.
  6. Surround myself with more people who are smarter than me.
  7. Spend time on things that are meaningful and sustainable. I learn how to separate signals from the noise. Ain’t nobody got time for flimsy crap. 
  8. Don’t take shortcuts. Do the work. I learn that “hacks” and “shortcuts” don’t really work if you want to build something meaningful and sustainable. You have to build the foundation first.
  9. Don’t just complain about things. CHANGE IT.
  10. Accept the fact that I’m aging and that’s totally fine. This is the last year I’m in my 20s. Everybody is telling me that I should be married and having babies. My skin is sagging too. All these signs of aging are pretty intimidating but it’s okay. CHILL LAHHH.

How about you? What were the top 10 lessons you learned in 2018?

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