#16: What are 5 powerful habits that you must develop in 2019?

Link: 18 questions for an incredible review of your 2018

In the last weeks of December, I’ll be answering 18 questions for an incredible review of your 2018 that I wrote in my previous post.

I hope this series inspires you to look at your life, career, family and relationship, and to reflect and plan for an awesome 2019. Let’s go.

Question 16: What are 5 powerful habits that you must develop in 2019?

1. Daily planning

Scheduling and planning is crucial for people who aren’t organized, like me.

In the past years, I’d tried different systems such as the Google Calendar, Trello, or the Bullet Journal. There’re pros and cons in each system, so I slowly combine them into one. If you’re interested, I’d write a more detailed blog post about this process.

Now I’m using mainly the Passion Planner system, which basically combine your life roadmap, long and short-term goals, yearly, monthly and daily planning, all in one place.

There’re plenty of tutorials on YouTube. You can download the Passion Planner for free. Give it a try:


Image credit: Passion Planner

2. Sleep before 12am and wake up at 7am

I need to be kinder to my liver. I can do this, right? Right…..?

3. Weekly exercise

I say this every year. Let’s make it this year’s resolution, again….

4. Meditate or daily reflection

I want to meditate more often in 2019. It helps me to stay focused and calm.

Another useful habit is doing daily reflection. It’s a 3-min exercise that you can do every night. Think about 3 things you’re grateful for, and how the day has gone. It’s useful to plan for the next day.

Another practical tactic that I use is having a Brain Dump journal. In this section, I write down all random thoughts and uncategorised ideas. I also think and draw visual map. It helps to cage my monkey mind.

5. Be less emotional, be more rational

Don’t respond emotionally first. Pause.

My grandma taught us a good lesson in keeping calm in times of crisis.

At 95 years old, her body is weak. She couldn’t stand or sit properly on her own. She’s tall so sometimes we aren’t strong enough to hold her. It’s nerve-wracking. At her age, any accident could be fatal.

She also pooped in her pants and couldn’t tell the difference between food and shit. We used to get anxious and even shout when she tried to touch her shitty diaper while we tried to bathe her. We were panicked and didn’t know how to handle the situation.

Now we’re much calmer.

Last week she fell down and got injured badly. It’s a bloody scene.

Instead of panicking, my family handled it professionally and calmly sent her to the hospital.

In times of emergencies, we have to keep calm and solve the real problem. CHILL LAH.

(Above) My sisters taking selfie with my injured grandma in the hospital on Christmas after feeding her for nearly an hour. Kudos to their patience.


Cultivating good habits is easier said than done. Who doesn’t want to lie on the sofa, eat chips and watch TV for the whole day?

When I’m slacking I just remind myself of this quote, “How you spend your day is how you will live your life.”

How about you? What are 5 powerful habits that you must develop in 2019?

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