#14: What one word sums up your entire 2018?

Link: 18 questions for an incredible review of your 2018

In these last weeks of December, I’ll be answering 18 questions for an incredible review of your 2018 that I wrote in my previous post.

I hope this series inspires you to look at your life, career, family and relationship, and to reflect and plan for an awesome 2019. Let’s go.

8. Name 3 people who have the greatest impact on you in 2018.

My partner – to be more organised and money-savvy.

A charity project leader – to be humble, forward-thinking and focus on the value you create for other people.

My professor in China – commit to your work. Hustle.

9. Who are the 5 people you spend the most time with in 2018?

My partner and my family

10. How did those 5 people influence you? Positively or negatively?

You can read my previous post.

11. What were the 3 best books that you read in 2018?

Veronika decides to die by Paulo Coelho

This book is a fiction by the author who wrote The Alchemist. Veronika’s experience and attempt to commit suicide got me into thinking about the point of this life.

Linchpin: Are you indispensable by Seth Godin

The book is about building a remarkable career. Seth Godin is one of my virtual mentors. He has an incredible insight on education, marketing and character-building.

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

The book is a must-read. It changes how you look at all the political system, cultural belief, religion and human structure.

12. What are 3 things that you’re most grateful for in 2018?

I come home everyday to my dad who’s funny and healthy, my mum who cooks my dinner and my grandma who’s already 95 years old.

I cleared my study loan. Weeeeeee. *Firework*

I have friends who trust me with their darkest secrets and insecurities. I’m grateful for the authentic friendship that we built over the years.

13. What 3 compliments that you wish people would have given you in 2018?

Sexy, beautiful and hot.

No lah, just joking. That will never happen.

Three compliments that I wish people would have given me:

I’m a trustworthy friend, I’m committed to my work, and I’m an authentic person.

When I was young, I wanted people to think that I’m a pretty, cute and nice girl. So I spent a lot of money on makeup, shoes and bags. And then I realized that being “pretty” is impermanent. I gave up entirely to keep my weight below 50 kg and my waist 25 inches. Whatever. I like my baggy clothes.

Then I wanted people to think that I’m smart and capable. So I worked hard to impress people, which is not a smart move if you want to feel genuinely happy and fulfilled. What if you work hard and people are still nasty? What if working hard is not the solution? I slowly realise that these compliments aren’t really that important. Living a life with purpose and self-love is way better.

Please slap me awake if I still want people to say that I’m “pretty and cute” at 30 years old.

14. What ONE word sums up your entire 2018?


Work hard work smart. THERE IS NO SHORTCUT.

This year I had a big problem in my research project. I didn’t plan properly before the experiment, so I smart-ass-ly tried to skip some steps to make up for the problems. The result was disastrous. I had to spend twice as much time to repair the damage.

Seriously, there is no hack and shortcut. Work hard.

Luck plays a small part in winning the long game.

How about you? What ONE word sums up your entire 2018?

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