Starting over (and should you have a website?)

I abandoned my old blog and decided to start from zero. In the past ten years, I wrote 441 blog posts and had over 3000 photos there. That’s a lot.

This decision has two reasons – one technical reason and one personal reason. Technical wise, the old platform that I was using – Blogger is outdated. Google decided that Blogger is old news and what’s even worse, Blogger is not compatible with iPad. Simply speaking, you cannot write a blog post without being annoyed every 5 minutes.

The personal reason why I decided to start afresh is because I cannot recognize that person who started that blog.

In the end I just want to have a place where I can write easily and quickly. So you might notice that this blog is now very simple and minimal.

This is also to tell you – you can start anytime and anywhere. I have a few friends telling me that they want to start a blog or writing but thinking that they are too late.

Here’s the benefit of writing:

  1. Organize your ideas
  2. Express your ideas

When should you have a blog?

What would you gain from writing?

  1. Think clearer
  2. Speak better

3. Money – no

It’s true that some people blog as a potential income stream, but unless you are a popular 20-year-old girl who posts selfie regularly (sarcasm, this does not apply to every successful blogger), it is not very viable to earn big bucks from writing these days. The content creators that have a huge following on social media are rare. Fact: 3% of the YouTubers earned 90% of the total revenue. 96.5% of them So take the pressure of earning money off your shoulder. Just have fun.

What you can do instead

  1. Ditch that emoji
    Next time
  2. Forget about perfectionism